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Caroline Ruth has helped me navigate the sometimes difficult waters of dating and relationships. With her help, I have been able to keep the most warm, wonderful, and amazing woman I have ever met in my life.... I say a Thank You to Caroline Ruth every time I get a call from the woman I love...I know without Caroline's advice and relationship wisdom, things wouldn't be where they are today in my relationship with my lady. Again a big thank you to Caroline Ruth.

Re-entering the dating world after 20 years of marriage was an adjustment and a little intimidating. My first year of dating didn't go very well. Then I happened to meet Caroline Ruth at a singles event she was working at. She could see I was a quiet person, so she went out of her way to make me feel comfortable & we struck up a conversation. The advice she gave me at that event & the other times I've spoken with her has been invaluable. My dating life & also my confidence level, have done a complete turn around for the best because of her! Caroline has found her calling helping others find love!

I was talking with this girl once. She was telling me all sorts of stuff that didn’t make sense to me. Then I talked to you. You gave some really good tips on exposing the truth from the lies, by asking her certain “direct” questions. I did ask her those questions and she could not answer them, therefore, I was able to see her for what she was…a liar and pseudo intellect. Without Caroline’s advice, I would have gone through many more months of turmoil in this relationship.

You literally saved me! You helped me look at him logically and I will never forget you for that. I may have hung onto him forever, wasting my second chance in life if not for you. Our discussions gradually sunk in and I will be forever grateful to you for making me see what no one else could. I can’t help loving him, but after talking with you, I can make sure I never settle for him. I highly recommend Caroline Ruth for her intuition on subjects close the heart.

Caroline’s intuition, kind warmth and sincerity make her an excellent matchmaker, she has your interest truly at heart. She has been a positive influence my life.

After my divorce, I lost hope that there would ever be a woman out there that could understand me, and keep my interest. I had the attention of many women, but none were what I needed or wanted. When I met Caroline Ruth she taught me to adjust my thoughts and behavior patterns, to find true compatibility in a romantic love relationship. Since consulting with her, I have found the love of my life and the best friend I could have ever hoped for in a life partner. Her words reached my heart and soul, and now I have a relationship that is making me very happy and that feels so right.

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