Game Plan         

The Game Plan

“Six Pack” event dates are unique: 3 females, 3 males on a fun group date. From bowling to miniature golf, from a potluck picnic at a sun soaked park to fine dining in an elegant restaurant...the ideas we have for your group dates are endless!

PWL does not “pair up” participants on our six pack group dates, that’s where chemistry & compatibility must take over. We select five other people in your age range, who have common interests and /or lifestyles as you. Caroline Ruth or a team player from PWL will greet you at the venue of the group date and introduce you to the other members of the group.

Once the ice is broken, Caroline or a PWL team player will leave the venue and the six members enjoy each other's company for the evening.

Once you have been on a six pack date, you will be contacted by Caroline to discuss the event. You will be asked to give your honest thoughts about the other attendees on the group date and to determine if you are interested in seeing one of the members again.

Once the interviews have been completed you will be provided with an email summary of how the others felt about you also.

How It Works

Just fill out the membership form and submit your twelve-month or six month membership fee. This is a non-refundable fee.

We will contact you when an event is scheduled that meets your criteria and that is in your age range. The other members on the group date will be within 5 years of your age.

If you are interested in a specific event, you send an event deposit. The event fee is refundable when you arrive at the venue, minus $5.00, which is an administration fee. If you do not show up at the event you will forfeit the entire amount of the deposit.

If for some reason the event is cancelled, you will be refunded the entire amount. If the event you are interested in is full, you will be placed on a waiting list.

All event costs associated with the event are the responsibility of the participant.

After the group date, you will be contacted by Caroline to discuss the event itself, your impression of the other participants and to determine if you have any interest in seeing one or more of the participants again.

Once all interviews have been conducted you will receive an email summary with comments and impressions about you from the other members. This is valuable information about yourself and how you interact with others to use on your next group date.

Additional private consultations with Caroline Ruth are available upon request. Additional fees will apply.

With the feedback you receive, you will be ready to try another “Six Pack” event.

As an active member, you can attend as many six pack dating events as you want, that are in your age range.

Membership Fee
12 Month Membership $199.00
6 Month Membership $125.00
Event Deposit
$20 will be returned upon your arrival; $5 administration fee.